12bet Got Arrested? 12bet Scammed People? Is 12bet a Reliable Bookie?

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The information about 12bet scamming people and finally got arrested has been spreading all over many gambling forums. Many people have discussed this topic, and it is not quite easy for many people to figure out if this news is actually new or just a rumor. To provide you the most accurate information, let keep on reading the response from 12bet. 

12Bet scam? What is the truth? Is 12Bet good or not?

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    The Original Reasons for the Rumors about 12bet Got Arrested.

    Back in 2018, some former players from Vietnam got arrested because they had received money from 12bet. They got arrested because they (as individuals) violated the terms and lawsuits about joining an online casino in Vietnam. After this news had been spread, many people misunderstood the situation and accused 12bet of scamming people and getting arrested. 


    The truth behind this news is that 12bet is still working both before and after those players got arrested. This bookie has also completed payments for many participants. So, the rumors that have been spread about 12bet getting arrested is completely wrong and unreasonable. 

    The Origin of 12bet’s Scamming Claims

    All of the rumors toward 12bet scamming people are from those who used to play in 12bet. Many of them did not understand this bookie’s rules and terms for participants. As they did not know and followed all the rules, some violated the rules, and the bookie had to take action against them. Some of the bookie’s actions are:

    • They were not allowing participants to withdraw money from their accounts to bank accounts.
    • They were not allowing participants to receive money from their sales-off campaigns and events. 

    Besides the wrong accusation from former players, the scamming rumors came from other bookies who are 12bet’s competitors in the gambling marketplace. Some of them have made up the wrong news to make 12bet look bad. This action has made those who do not know about the truth started to believe that 12bet scams their customers.

    12bet Is A Trustworthy Bookie in Both Asian and Europe

    All the scamming claims against 12bet have not been powerful enough to reduce the reliability of this bookie. Why? The number of participants who choose to put their betting money on this bookie has grown every day. With this fact, we can all see how reliable this bookmaker is at some level. 

    12bet Is A Trustworthy Bookie in Both Asian and Europe

    Besides the growing number of participants, the official website of 12bet is still active as normal, and many of their games, betting products, and even safes-off events, have been updated frequently. All of these facts are enough to prove that 12bet is a fair and trustworthy bookmaker. 

    For now, do not trust any wrong accusations about 12bet scamming people or getting arrested because all of these claims have no proof. 12bet is still a good bookie for you to join any time you wish to. 


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