388bet Review – The Most Trustworthy Bookie in the Asian Betting Marketplace 2020

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388bet is one of the familiar bookies of many bettors recently. However, there are many people who still have not heard about this bookmark. What are the products this bookie provides? What kinds of services do they serve? 

To answer these questions, we are going to confirm to you more in-detailed information about this book. With these pieces of information, you will have the ability to understand more about this online casino website. 

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    388bet - Đánh giá, nhận xét, chấm điểm nhà cái thể thao 388bet

    General Information ABout 388bet

    388bet started to provide their services in 2013. Until now, it is one of the high-class betting playgrounds for gamblers in Asia. One of the main factors that have built the reliability of this bookmaker is its business license.  

    Why Is 388bet One of the Best Bookie in Asia?

    388bet was licensed by Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino United States. Because they have a legal business license, they have to follow all the stick policies and rules created by this cooperation. They have to be fair, clear, and honest with all of their customers. Besides, this bookie has to respect their customers' reputation. 

    Why Is 388bet the Most Noticeable Bookmaker in Asia?

    Until now, 388bet has gained some certain achievement in the betting marketplace, and here are the main factors:

    • The 388bet website has Eye-Catching User Interface

    388bet's website uses red and black as its dominant colors. These two colors are really powerful and high-class, especially in the gambling field. By accessing a gambling website with these two colors, bettors will have strong will and decisions before betting with their money. 

    Besides, the arrangements of this website's tools are also perfectly logical. Any users, even the new players, will be able to find certain information and features. 

    • 388bet Offers Variable Gambling Products

    If you choose 388bet, you will have endless opportunities to satisfy the desire of gambling. There are many different sports for you to choose from, including horse racing, football, or basketball matches. These matches are available for you to bet regularly with attractive odds. 

    Besides these sport games, 388bet also serves other online casino games. You can join different challenging card games, like Poker, Roulette. Before betting, customers can always choose to bet with the most suitable amount of money. 

    • The Website of 388bet Has A High Level of Security

    388bet's website was made with modern encrypting technology. Therefore, all of the customers' personal information will be protected with high-level security. This security policy is meant to maintain users' benefits while playing at 388bet. 

    • Friendly and Professional Support Team for 388bet

    The staff from 388bet are all carefully trained to serve customers with a friendly and professional attitude; all customers' benefits are the support team's priority. For this reason, the 388bet's staff always work at their best and use their knowledge to solve customers' problems. 

    388bet is one of the best online casino in Asia

    388bet Often Gifts Its Customers with Multiple Sales-off Events 

    388bet often hosts different sales-off events with shocking value for its customers. Many of these sales-off are hosted every month, with around 25 to 30 events each month. With these many events, you will have a high chance of winning a valuable gift from 388bet. 

    388bet Accept Many Modern Billing Methods

    Until this point, 388bet has been connected to many different banks from different countries globally. Therefore, users will easily transfer their money to the bookie's bank account and withdraw the money from the bookie's website to back their bank accounts. Here are the details:

    • Transferring money: takes from three to five (3 – 5) minutes
    • Withdrawing money: takes from two to five (2 – 5) hours 

    388bet's Customers' Responses

    After starting providing different betting products and options, 388bet received mang positive responses from their users. Let's take a look at some feedback here:

    • Hoang Minh: The 388bet's user interface is easy-to-use, and the loading speed is pretty good. As the interface has a simple design and has all the necessary tools, it did not take me too long to figure out how to start betting. 
    • Minh Tung: After playing at 388bet, I did not want to choose any other bookmakers' website. This high-class website offered me multiple attractive gambling products. Moreover, this bookie also hosts many events that I am super interested in. 

    How to Start Betting at 388bet: Instructions

    We will show you everything you need to know in order to start betting at 388bet successfully. First, let's find out how to create a new account:

    Creating New Account Instruction

    After accessing the bookie's website, click on “Register” and start filling in all the required information to complete this account-creating process. Here is the information you have to provide:

    • Password
    • Phone number

    After finishing providing the required information, double-check again, and click “Register.” In a few seconds, your account will be created. 

    How to Safely Transfer Money to Your Account

    The fastest way to transfer your money to your account is through banks. Here is how you can do it:

    After accessing the website, click on “Transfer Money.”

    Send your money-transferring request. 

    If all of the information you send is correct and valid, your money will be successfully transferred to your 388bet account. Now, you can start betting. 

    How to Bet at 388bet

    After having enough basic knowledge about handicaps and odds, you can now start betting with your favorite gambling product. What you need to know right at this moment is how to start your betting process at 388bet, Dewabet. It is not difficult to get started, and here are the three simple steps you need to follow:

    • Choosing the match that you want to bet on
    • Picks your most suitable handicap that was provided by the bookie.
    • Confirm the amount of money you want to bet. 

    You will need to target on the handicap that will be more likely to make you the winner. This process depends on your knowledge and experiences. 

    How to Safely Withdraw Money from 388bet

    We encourage our users to withdraw money from 388bet's account to your provided bank account. This process can be done following these steps:

    • Log in to the 388bet website, then click on “Withdraw Money.”
    • Fill in all the required information properly.
    • Send your confirmation. 

    Why There Are Rumors about 388bet Scamming Its Customers

    The rumors of 388bet scamming people were spread by those who used to play at 388bet. While using the 388bet website, some of them got their accounts blocked, and some of them did not have the chance to get benefits from 388bet's sales-off events. Because of these problems, they start to spread the rumors of 388bet scamming them.

    Three Obvious Proffs That Show 388bet's Ultimate Reliability

    All of the negative rumors are from misunderstandings and from those who did not understand the rules and policies while accessing and playing at 388bet. When some customers violated the bookie's rules or policies, they would not be able to be beneficial. So, the scamming rumors are just rumors because 388bet always has the ultimate reliability. Here are three proofs:

    • 388bet has a legal business license and has been serving people with clear and fair policy.
    • This bookie and customers can transfer money successfully. 
    • The 388bet staff is still working day and night. 

    What You Should Do in front of Rumors: Our Advice

    After talking about the 388bet's scamming rumors, we advise you to look at the rumor or the problems on many sides. You should think carefully beyond the rumors themselves. 

    Take the scamming rumors of 388bet as an example. Do you really think a bookie who has been legally serving different services for more than ten years will risk their reliability and the whole business with scamming activities? Needless to say, the answer is NO. 

    After providing you in-detailed information about 388bet, we hope you now have one more bookie option to start your betting games. Join 388bet, and start experiencing more high-class services.


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