BK8 – A Young But Highly “Quality” Bookie

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With the aim of creating a youthful, dynamic, and fresh betting playground in Vietnam, BK8 has quickly laid hold of the spot and affirmed its prestigious bookie. So, what unique features does this bookie have? Should we play at this online bookie?

About BK8 Bookie

BK8 is a bookie brand with headquarters located in Malta, Philippines. Simultaneously, the Curacao government is currently the supervising agent for all the bookie’s activities. That's why BK8 is obligated to comply with the betting rules that this organization offers: Legal – Prestige – Transparent and Legitimate.

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    BK8 – A Young But Highly “Quality” Bookie

    Currently, the bookie is constantly attempting to serve bettors. Following this, they have created an authentic, friendly playground that is favorable to many people. So, what betting products does this bookie offer?

    BK8 Bookie’s Game Types

    After walking around the BK8 bookie website's homepage, we found that this bookie offers a fairly complete range of betting games, including Sports, Online Casino, Keno Lottery, Shoot Fish, Hilo, Lucky Spin.

    BK8 Online Casino Malaysia | Online Gambling Malaysia

    Types of bookie games BK8

    Besides, having joined each betting and entertainment game, we realize BK8 rewards an extremely high payout for members. For that reason, the bookie is always attractive to bettors.

    The Advantages Of BK8 Bookie

    To affirm its strong position when compared with many leading bookies in Vietnam, BK8, Kubet has promoted many of their strengths through the following advantages:

    Specially designed website interface 

    The website interface designed by the house's design team is quite simple and modern. The categories shown on the website are arranged appropriately and friendly, making it easy for players to manipulate them.

    BK8 博霸体育 | Biggest Casino Brand Malaysia | Online casino breaking news

    Specially designed website interface

    Besides, the website also supports many different languages​​, including English. Also, the bookie's mobile phone version is compatible with multiple operating systems, making it easy for players to join in experiencing at any time.

    Transaction Procedure

    BK8 has successfully applied many advanced and safe technologies, which allow customers to perform the transaction procedure like wildfire. After only less than 15 minutes of waiting, you have completed a deposit/withdrawal transaction at the bookie.

    Service Quality 

    Customer care and support policy is a plus point of the bookie in the eyes of the player. Till now, BK8 has brought many different methods of contacting the Bookie, such as Hotline, Livechat, E-mail, etc. Thereby, the player's request for support will be resolved quickly.

    Attractive Promotions

    A Comprehensive Review of BK8 Online Casino

    Attractive promotions at BK8 

    Players can’t be indifferent to promotions at BK8. Thanks to an extremely solid financial potential, BK8 has rewarded many promotions to customers. Methods for participating and receiving rewards from promotional events are also easy as pieces. Most of the time, players who participate in the promotion will receive a bonus.

    Highest Security Of Information

    BK8 has always been active in safeguarding player’s information, which helps player’s data be under the highest protection at all times. You won't have to worry about your account information being stolen by bad guys.

    How To Bet At BK8

    To join betting at the BK8 bookie, firstly, you require an account on behalf of you to place bets. So, how is creating a bookie account done?

    Step 1: Register A Betting Account

    To create favorable conditions for players coming to the bookie, BK8 has simplified the account registration at the bookie. Thereby, it takes you three steps in about one minute only. After that, you will own an account to start betting.

    • Select “Join Now” after accessing the bookie.
    • Fill out completely accurate information on the registration form shown on the system, including Username, New Password, Password Confirmation, Affiliate ID/Referral.
    • Finally, you click on “Join” and wait for the system to confirm your account information.

    Step 2: Log In To Your Account

    After completing your account at the BK8 bookie, signing in will be easier than ever. Go to the bookie and click on “Login.” In the login form, you enter your Username and Password. Then you click the “Login” button to access your account at the bookie.

    Step 3: Deposit Money Into The Betting Account

    BK8, SV88 support many different deposit methods. Players still prefer the bank deposit method because it takes them only three steps to complete.

    • After logging in to the bookie, members click on “Deposit” -> “Local Bank”.
    • Select the bank where you want to make the transaction. Here, you will see the bookie’s bank account information. At this point, players proceed to transfer money to this bank account number.
    • Finally, the deposit slip will be displayed. You then fill in the information related to the money transfer you just made and attach the receipt of your transaction. Then, select “Submit”, and you are done.

    Step 4: Play betting on BK8

    Playing betting on BK8 is not difficult at all. If you are a newcomer, please follow the following three steps of betting:

    • On the bookie’s menu interface, select “Sports” -> “Soccer” -> The match you want to bet.
    • Click on the odds on the table of odds offered by the bookie for the match. You then confirm the bet amount for this bet slip.
    • Finally, click on “Confirm” to complete the bet. Win/lose results will be notified to you when the match is over.

    Step 5: Withdraw Winnings At BK8

    Withdrawal of winnings at BK8 is also conducted like many current bookies. You need to follow the three steps below for a successful withdrawal.

    • Select “Withdraw” after accessing the BK8 Bookie
    • Select the bank you want to withdraw money from -> Fill in the amount you want to withdraw -> Fill in the information relating to your bank account.
    • Select “Submit” and wait for a response from the bookie.

    How To Access Blocked BK8

    When accessing the BK8 bookie, players can accidentally be blocked by the network operator. This is something no player wants to encounter. Therefore, to avoid the case of blocked links when joining the bookie, please use two ways to access the blocked as follows:

    Change DNS To Access BK8 When Being Blocked

    Change DNS directly on your computer or phone device. This is how many players often apply and have been successful. They do not get blocked when joining the bookie. You can refer to articles on Google on How to change the DNS address.

    Change IP Address With Software

    X-Proxy is a free software to change the IP address on your computer. When using this address, you will have access to the bookie through a foreign IP. For this reason, the link to your BK8 bookie will no longer be blocked. You can download and use the X-Proxy software at ease.


    In general, BK8 is a bookie with a strong development momentum and has an extremely good financial foundation. Especially when the bookie comes to the Vietnamese betting market, they have legalized their betting and provided a healthy playground for you to experience. Therefore, do not miss this playground when you are looking for a bookie to participate in betting.




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