Bong88 Promotions Always Attract Participants

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When becoming a member of the Bong88 dealer, is it that you are most concerned about the most is the promotions of this house or not? If that is the case, do you know the current Bong88 promotions that attract the largest number of participants? Join us in the name of the article below.

Bong88 Promotions For New Members

After successfully registering a Bong88 account at the dealer, you have immediately received a generous investment from this bookmaker brand. By doing so, players participate in the first top-up event to claim their reward.

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    Bong88 promotions for new members

    This event is launched to encourage the morale of the gamblers. However, in terms of the structure of the award, Bong88 will offer different rewards each month. Therefore, when participating in this promotion of Bong88. Players need to carefully refer to the terms and conditions and terms and conditions of the program.

    Promotion Applies to Old Members

    To “hold on to” and want old members to stay with their bookmakers. Bong88 also launches promotions for these members to join. In which, some programs are actively responded to by players such as:


    Promotion applies to former members

    • 2nd deposit bonus gets a bonus on Tuesdays, 5th, and 7th. When players top up on these days. You will receive a bonus equal to 10% of the value of your deposit.
    • The refund program applies to each betting game product through this promotional event at Bong88 house. Whether the player is a winner or a loser, you will still receive a weekly account refund.

    Other Special Bong88 Promotions

    Other Bong88 promotions at the house are held on select days. When players receive rewards from these promotional events, indeed, the value of the bonus or in-kind will be very high. So, those are the special promotions of Bong88.

    • Promote the program to celebrate Bong88 member's birthdays.
    • The program introduces friends to join the bookmaker.
    • The programs are held on the occasion of Christmas, New Year.

    In general, Bong88 is a house with powerful and considerable financial resources. Therefore, participating in this playground that players skip promotions. This is truly your shortcoming when it comes to Bong88. Therefore, please regularly visit the Bong88 promotion page to update the promotional events of this house.



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