Bong88 – A Bright Bookmaker of Football Betting

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If you are a fan of the King sport, Bong88 will no longer be a bookmaker that is strange to you. According to experts’ adjustments, this is a bookmaker specializing in providing sports betting and football betting products for players. So, what information relating to this bookmaker have you already known? Follow this article to find more.


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    Introduction About The Bong88

    Bong88 is a bookmaker specializing in supplying sports betting products. Besides, this bookmaker also provides both Casino and Slot games. Up to now, the bookmaker has quite a large number of players. Thanks to this, the speed of the market expansion of this bookmaker is quick and robust. 

    IBet888 is the name of the precursor of the bookmaker Bong88. This bookmaker was established in 2006 and has created a big wave of gamblers. After that, the bookmaker withdrew from the Vietnamese market and converted its name into Bong88. 

    Some Overview Of Bong88

    Our reviews below will help you better understand the Bong 88 bookmaker, 1xbet. The first review is the assessment of the website interface of the bookmaker. 

    The web interface of Bong88

    The design of Bong88's website interface is professional. From images, colors, fonts to website layout, all are harmoniously designed. Moreover, the version of the mobile app also brings a new and interesting experience for players. It makes accessing the bookmaker to become easier and more proactive than ever.

    Wide variety of betting and game products

    Bong88 places a higher priority on sports betting, and it focuses mainly on football. Therefore, many players appreciated the quality of this bookmaker odds system. Regularly, this bookmaker updates the correct odds and provides the trinket information for players to have data to base on. 

    Besides, the bookmaker also offers other betting products that are popular with players. These are Online Casino, Slot Games, Lottery, Keno. The bookmaker often pays a high bonus for those games. Meanwhile, the game interface is designed to be very simple and easy to understand. Players can easily get acquainted with the interface and know how to bet quickly.

    Attractive promotions

    Every month, Bong88 regularly brings new promotions to the players. It is this innovation that has made players always want to be associated with the bookmaker. It makes the network and coverage systems of the bookmaker even stronger. Some attractive promotions that are regularly offered by the bookmaker include:  

    • Promotion to welcome new members.
    • The promotion applies to old members.
    • The promotion for the VIP members of the bookmaker

    Good security quality

    For players, the preconditions that players want to participate in a betting platform are secure and safe. These are something that every player must first consider when choosing the bookmaker. By understanding these concerns, Bong88 has built up a quality website security system. So, they can focus on the security of the bettor's information. It helps players feel more secure when registering personal information at this bookmaker.  

    Customer service

    Bong88 always cares about the desires of the betting participants. Therefore, the customer care staff is always here to listen and answer the questions of players enthusiastically and professionally when they need. Due to that, most players feel satisfied when experiencing customer service at the bookmaker.  

    Guide To Register And Play Betting At Bong88

    The first step to bet at the Bong88 bookmaker is that the player needs to know how to create a bookmaker account for themselves. If you want to create an account, follow the following steps.

    How to register a player account

    The way to register a betting account at Bong88 is similar to other bookmakers. Generally, you can easily register through the following three steps:  

    • Players access the bookmaker and select ” register “.
    • Then, you fulfill your personal information into the registration form and send your confirmation.
    • Finally, the bookmaker will proceed to verify the accuracy of the information. If the information has no problems, the staff will create an account for you.

    How to play betting at the Bong88 bookmaker

    Taking part in betting on sports and football at the Bong88 bookmaker is very simple. With only three steps below, you have already made a successful bet. 

    • On the menu bar of the website interface, you select “Sports” and “Football”, then choose the match you want to place a bet on.
    • Follow the examples of the odds of the match that the player wants to bet on, player chooses their odds based on the contract progress at the bookmaker.
    • Finally, players only need to confirm betting information and betting amount.

    After the match is over, you will know if you win or lose. If the bet wins, the award will be calculated according to the odds selected by the players. Players will receive an award deserving of the winner in your account at the bookmaker.

    Find Out How To Deposit And Withdraw Money At Bong88

    Deposit or withdrawal is a transaction that any player must know how to do at the bookmaker. Specifically, the deposit method is:

    The guide to deposit

    Bong88 offers players a way to deposit via sending SMS. This method is very simple that you only need to follow the steps below:

    • Players directly contact the bookmaker to have information about the bank account of Bong88.
    • After having the bank information, the player transfers their money to the bank account number of the bookmaker.
    • Finally, you will compose and send a message to the operator to confirm the successful deposit with the syntax is “username, amount you want to deposit, bank account name, bank account number, which branch”.

    The bookmaker will base it on the confirmation of the message and the player's deposit. Then, the bookmaker adds money to the member's account.

    Withdrawal instructions at Bong88

    Similarly, withdrawing money from the bookmaker can also apply to sending a text message to the operator. By the way, players use the phone and compose and send a message to the operator with the syntax “Username, amount you want to withdraw, bank account number, bank account name, which branch”. You have to wait for about 24 hours from the time that you send the message to receive the money to your bank account.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions At Bong88

    Bong88 is a bookmaker having a very large number of players participating in the bet. Therefore, players asked numerous questions related to this bookmaker. Some of the questions that players require on a regular basis are:

    If they do not receive bonuses from promotions?

    Players should check once again whether their account is compatible with the bookmaker's policy conditions or not because that is the reason why players are not eligible for receiving the bookmaker's promotion.

    Can not create a bookmaker account?

    One of the main reasons you cannot create a bookmaker account is that the information you entered is incorrect, especially the bookmaker's username.

    Is it free to create a bookmaker account?

    Registering an account at the bookmaker is free for all people. However, players are allowed to create only one betting account at this bookmaker.

    Today, investing in a reputable and quality bookmaker is the desire of every member. Therefore, after reading the reviews about the bookmaker Bong88, we all acknowledge that this is a reputable bookmaker that deserves to invest in your betting. Let access the bookmaker to register for your account. From here, you will begin your investment in betting, and we hope that you will make a huge profit from the bookmaker. 





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