Instruction to Deposit and Withdraw Money at the Hlv88 Bookmaker in Just 3 Minutess

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Instruction for depositing and withdrawing money at the Hlv88 bookmaker is very simple and easy to follow. As a reputable bookmaker brand with more than 700 quality entertainment products, it’s such a pity if you cannot participate. Therefore, to start playing bet, you need to know how to make deposit transactions at the bookmaker. Along with that is a withdrawal transaction that helps you to transfer winning money to your bank account. The article below will show you how to do these two transactions at Hlv88.

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    Guide to deposit at Hlv88

    To deposit money, the first thing you need to do is logging into your Hlv88 account. On the website interface after you successfully log in, please choose “My Account” -> “Deposit” -> “Send money via local bank”.

    The next step is contacting the Hlv88 live chat support team to receive the bank account number. After that, let’s start to proceed to transfer money to this Hlv88 bank account number by one of these money transfer methods: via Internet Banking service; direct money transfer at the counters or ATMs.

    After successfully transferring money to your Hlv88 bank account, please continue to contact the bookmaker’s customer service to provide the information about your money transfer so Hlv88 can check your transaction and confirm the money order as soon as possible. Right after the validation process is completed, you can start betting at the Hlv88 immediately.

    Guide to withdraw money to your bank account

    Money withdrawal is no doubt the most favorite transaction of every player at the Hlv88 bookmaker. And if you haven’t known how to do it, please follow the 3-step instruction below:

    • First, please select “Withdraw money” after logging into your Hlv88 account at the bookmaker’s website.
    • Then, you need to fill out the withdrawal form provided by Hlv88. The information that you need to enter includes your primary bank account information and the amount of money that you want to transfer back to your bank account.
    • Finally, after you finish the withdrawal form, please choose “Continue” and wait for Hlv88 to process your withdrawal order. Usually, the withdrawal transaction takes about 2 to 6 hours. The money order is executed once the money is successfully transferred to your bank.

    So, this is the instruction from us to you on how to deposit and withdraw money at the Hlv88 bookmaker. Hope this article can help you to make all the transactions without any difficulty.


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