Instruction On How To Deposit And Withdraw Money At M88 Bookmaker (Bookie)

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The depositing and withdrawing money method at M88 bookie is considered to be very simple and convenient because it is a well-known bookmaker with lots of experience. Therefore, transactions at M88 are reputable and legal. So, how to deposit and withdraw money at the M88? What do you need to do?

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    1. Instruction to deposit money to M88 bookie:

    To deposit money to M88 in the fastest and easiest way; you need to do these 3 basic steps below: 

    Step #1: 

    Contact M88’s customer care service to get the M88 bank account number. This account number is constantly being replaced. Therefore, you need to ask for a new bank account number every time you make a deposit. 

    Step #2: 

    Select the method to transfer money to M88’s bank account. Methods such as Transfer via ATM, top-up at counters, Internet Banking,… 

    Step #3: 

    After the money is successfully transferred, contact M88’s advisor to confirm the transaction information. Thereout, you can also click on the “Thu Ngân” (Cashier) button to check if the transaction is successful or not. When the balance in your M88 bank account is available, you are now on the bet.

    2. Instruction to deposit money to the bank

    Withdrawing money to the bank can be easily done with 4 basic steps. You only need to learn how to do it the first time. After that, you can do it without instruction. 

    Step #1: Fund transfer at M88 

    After successfully logging in to your M88 account, click on the “Thu Ngân” (Cashier) button then proceed to transfer funds from the sub-accounts to the main account. 

    Step #2: Withdraw money 

    When the money is successfully transferred to the wallet of the main M88 account, choose “Rút tiền” (Withdraw) then “Local Bank Transfer”. 

    Step #3: Complete withdrawal information 

    At the Local Bank Transfer interface, complete the information required by the bookmaker:

    • The amount of money you want to withdraw
    • Name of the Bank
    • Name of your bank branch
    • Address of your bank branch
    • Your bank account name
    • Your bank account number 

    Step #4: Complete withdrawal transaction at M88 

    Once the withdrawal information is entered completely and accurately, click on the “Confirm” to send the withdrawal request to the bookmaker for processing. If the information is all correct, it will take about 30 minutes for the funds to be transferred to your account. 

    Thus, depositing and withdrawing money at M88 is not difficult at all. The most important thing to do is entering transaction information accurately. This is the minimum requirement that you have to do in order to make a successful transaction at M88.


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