Instruction On Making Deposit And Withdrawal In Dafabet Banker For Beginner

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Once members have created a Dafabet account to start gambling, you have to deposit your account. At the same time, do you want to receive your winnings on your bank account? Please read our article to know more. Do you know how to make deposits and withdrawals at Dafabet banker?

Make a deposit in Dafabet banker

The method of making deposits onto Dafabet seems similar to other reliable bankers. Before doing that, you have to contact the Customer Service Department at Dafabet. From there, you ask for the bank account of the banker.

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    Contact banker to get information of bank account of Dafabet

    After having a bank account of Dafabet, You can deposit this bank account. This way, choose “Cashier” -> “Deposit.” Here, you see two options for making deposits as below.

    Pick up the appropriate method of making a deposit.

    • Transfer your money to the bank account of Dafabet
    • You are transferring money via direct bank. You use one of the four options, which are EZpay, GoCash88, Robo Pay, ViPay.

    After selecting the appropriate method of making a deposit, you press “Deposit” to complete the transaction in Dafabet. Your deposit will then be in your Dafabet account. Which means you have successfully deposited Dafabet.

    How to withdraw at Dafabet

    To withdraw your money at Dafabet, choose “Cashier” once you sign up on the banker’s site. Next, choose “Withdraw” – “Local bank transfer.” Filling in the form with the required information in this section as below:

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    Then, fill in the form with the required information of the bank account for withdrawal.

    • Name of the bank
    • Subsidiary of the bank that you open your account.
    • Address of the bank
    • Bank account
    • Password to sign up Dafabet

    After completing the form, select “Next.” Fill in the blank with the amount of withdrawal money, besides type your signup password—finally, press “Withdrawal” to send the request.

    The system then sends a “Thank you – Your withdrawal request to Dafabet is done” note, then you wait within 24 hours, and your money will be in your bank account.

    Very simple? Most players need to follow these instructions for making a deposit/withdrawal for the first time. You can do it by yourself later on. Share this post if you think it is helpful.






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