Depositing And Withdrawal Instructions At Bong88 Online Casino Via Mobile Phone

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Playing gambles at Bong88 without knowing about the way to deposit and withdraw money is not possible. So, if you are having difficulty in executing transactions at the online casino, please refer to this article about deposit and withdrawal instructions at Bong88 online casino. Certainly, you will be able to execute 100% of your transactions successfully at Bong88.

How to Deposit Money into Bong88 Online Casino?

Depositing at Bong88 online casino is different from that at many current online casinos. However, we believe that this deposit method is much safer by:

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    • The player accesses Bong88 online casino and chats with a counselor. You will ask them for Bong88's bank information here.
    • Then, the player proceeds to transfer money to Bong88's bank account number. You can use the form of transfer at counters, ATMs, or Internet Banking.
    • After the player completes the transfer to the online casino's bank you will use your phone and send SMS to confirm the deposit transaction to Bong88 with the syntax:
      • Your username.
      • Deposit amount.
      • Your bank account number.
      • Account name.
      • Name of the bank where the transaction is made.

    After you send a confirmation message to Bong88 online casino, you have to wait about 1-2 minutes for the system to confirm the transaction and respond to you. When your Bong88 account gets that deposit amount, it means that you have successfully deposited it.

    How To Withdraw Money At Bong88 To Your Bank Account

    Withdrawing money at Bong88 back to your bank account is also done by SMS. Thereby, players will use their phones and send messages to the Bong88 switchboard number with the syntax:

    • User name.
    • The amount that you want to withdraw.
    • Account number receiving money.
    • The name of the account.
    • The name of the bank branch.

    Important Notes When Depositing/Withdrawing At Bong88

    As the online casino owns an extremely large number of betting players. It is the factor that creates a prestigious online casino brand …

    When depositing and withdrawing money at Bong88 online casino, you need to remember the following important notes. These notes will help your transaction be executed quickly and accurately.

    • Every time depositing at Bong88, the player must request the bank account information of this online casino because Bong88's bank account numbers are constantly changing.
    • The information of depositing/withdrawing bank accounts must match your details at the online casino.
    • Players need to send a message to the exact number of the pinned switchboard on the casino website. If you want to be more accurate, you should ask its staff to send you the information about the switchboard number.

    Thus, the depositing and withdrawing methods at Bong88 are a little different. However, the way of making transactions is also considered simple. You should try applying it and follow our instructions.



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