Introduction To Make Deposits And Withdrawals At 188bet Banker Within 3 Minutes

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Introduction to make deposits and withdrawals at 188Bet banker is determined to be very simple and uncomplicated. Even so, for those who are new players to this banker. It’s good to refer to these introductions below to finish transferring/withdrawing money.

Introduction of methods into transferring money into 188Bet banker

To deposit into your account at 188Bet banker. The player needs to log in to your account and then select the “Deposit” category. Now it's the time to select “Local bank transfer”. It is considered the method to transfer money into 188Bet for free and safe.

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    How to Transfer Money from NETELLER to 188BET

    Select “Deposit” category

    There is an information form of making a deposit displayed once you click on “Local bank transfer”. Here, let’s fill in the form with the sender's information as the following:

    How to Transfer Money from NETELLER to 188BET

    Complete the form to make a deposit

    • Full name
    • Bank account
    • Name of the bank in which you have an account.
    • Method of transferring money to the bank at 188Bet banker that you have selected.
    • The amount of money that you want to add to 188Bet’s account.

    Regarding the receiver's information, the bank account of 188Bet, this information will be automatically displayed. The Player can make copies of the account's information and proceed with a money transfer.

    After finishing the money transfer, you select detailed confirmation to complete the transferring procedure. Your 188Bet account will be added to the correct amount of money that you have transferred. It means that you have finished the transfer transaction, that’s it.

    Guidelines on withdrawal at 188Bet banker

    Withdrawing your winnings at 188Bet banker is what every player wants to do. At present, 188Bet offers a method of withdrawal to Vietnam local banks. This job can be done easily through the following steps:

    How to Withdraw from My 188BET Account

    Select the “Withdraw” category

     Log in to the original 188Bet account. After that, select “Bank” -> Press “Withdraw”. In the Withdraw section, choose “Local bank transfer”.

    Next, the player needs to fill in all the withdrawal information due to the system’s requirement—your bank account's information and the amount of money you need to withdraw. In particular,  keep in mind that the minimum amount you can withdraw in one transaction is $8,67.

    Once the withdrawal information is inputted subject to the requirements, choose the “Next” button. Finally, the player should wait within 24 hours for tin money to your account.

    We’ve covered all the introductions on transfer and withdrawal at 188Bet banker that players have followed and succeed 100%. Thus, if you are the new player in this banker, why don’t you follow these transfer/withdrawal introductions and join various games at this banker.





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