How to Download Bong88 App for iOS/Android within a few steps

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Previously, if players wanted to play on Bong88, they had to use PCs or laptops. This significantly affects their experience because players need to stay with their devices 24/7 to update bettings. Therefore, Bong88 wants to improve our players’ experience by creating Bong88, where customers can play as easily as on a PC or laptop. Please download Bong88 as the following instructions. 

How to Download Bong88 in Android Phones

At present, the Bong88 app is launched on CH Play (an app store for Android phones). Players can conveniently access CH Play and download the Bong88 app.

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    Download Bong88 app to your Android phone

    • Firstly, you access CH Play on your phone. Then type the keyword “App Bong88” on the search bar to look for the app.
    • Click the first app on the result board. This app is Bong88app. You choose “Open” to download the app to your phone. 

    After successfully downloading, please open the Bong88 app to set up so that you can play immediately. We have programmed almost all the steps in the setting up process; the only action you need to do is starting the app. 

    How to Download Bong88 in IOS phones

    We haven’t launched the Bong88 app on the App Store yet; therefore, you can download it as how you get the app for Android phones. Instead, you have to follow the steps below. 

    • You have to access our official website with your phone.
    • At Bong88 website, you will see “Download App”. Please click “Download” so that you can get the Bong88 app for your IOS phone. 

    Normally, downloading the Bong88 app for IOS phones takes a few seconds only. When the download finishes, you open the app and start to set it up. After that, you need to log in to your account if you want to begin placing bets.

    In general, it is simple to download the Bong88 app for both Android and IOS phones. However, for players who have never used our app before, you need to read these instructions carefully. We assure you that with the Bong88 app, your gambling experience will level up tremendously. 



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