Instruction on how to download the Fun88 app iOS/ Android/ Desktop?

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As an extremely active bookmaker that offers quality betting products. Fun88 currently has a very large number of members playing every day. Therefore, the bookmaker always wants the customers to have the best access to Fun88.  So, did you know how to install the Fun88 application on your phone?

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    Details on how to download Fun88 iOS / Android / Desktop app

    How to Download Fun88 for iOS / Android / Desktop App

    To download the Fun88 app for iOS / Android / Desktop to your phone in the easiest way. Players need to follow the following 3 simple steps:

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    “Download” Interface 

    • First, you need to access the website of the Fun88 bookmaker ( with your mobile device.
    • Next step, go to the “download center” on the home page display. In this step, please choose the application version, which is suitable for your phone: App Fun88 for iOS or Android.  Along with that, choose the applications that you enjoy playing at the Fun88 bookmaker, such as Casino, Games Slot, Shooting Fish, etc.
    • Finally, you need to click on the “download” button to start downloading the app. At this point, you need to use the corresponding QR code scan to receive the download file.

    After successfully downloading the application to your phone. Now you need to work on installing the app on your smartphone. For every smartphone operating system version, players need to create trust in the downloaded application before starting the install. Specific instructions are below:

    How to Install Fun88 Apps on IOS / Android Phones

    For every version of iOS phone or Android phone. Players need to go into settings to turn on the reliable function of the application by:

    • For iOS: Go to Settings -> General -> Profile & Device Management . Next step, find and select Guangzhou Network Technology -> Delete -> Senator, 000 -> Trust.
    • For Android phone: Go to Settings -> Programs -> Program Management -> Find and select Fun88 App -> Trust.

    After successfully creating reliability for the Fun88 app, go to the Fun88 application, and start installing. From this point, you just need to follow the system's instructions to complete the installation. When the application is successfully installed on your smartphone, log into your Fun88 account in the app to start betting.

    Those are the three easy steps for players to download Fun88 iOS / Android / Desktop apps to their phones. With these instructions, we hope players can successfully download the app and have the best experience at the bookmaker.



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