How to download the W88 application for iOS / Android / Desktop for free?

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At present, the mobile phone is an invariable device for people. Therefore, W88 has taken advantage of the necessity of smartphones to humans by the way that they release the W88 application with versions for iOS / Android / Desktop devices for betting lovers. Now, if you are a member who wants to experience the W88 online casino, you can perform steps to download the W88 application that we give on the following. Instantly, you can place a bet at W88 whenever you want.

How to download the W88 application for iOS and Android

To download the W88 application on two models of phones operating iOS and Android, first, use your mobile device to access the online casino website. Then, you will search for W88 LITE to be able to download the application.

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    Hướng dẫn tải cài đặt app W88 di động Android , IOS nhanh

    [Download W88 LITE]

    Usually, the system offers a W88 LITE application installation for each Smartphone version by itself. Therefore, when you see the “Download” button below the W88 LITE application, players click on the button “Download” to start downloading the application.

    W88 Poker Download app for mobile iOS, Android and PC 

    [Install W88 LITE]

     Once the W88 LITE application has been successfully downloaded, you begin the installation process. However, if players use mobiles with the iOS version. You need to go to “Settings” -> “General” ->Configuration and device management -> Click “Trust”. In this way, the system will allow you to install an application on your phone.

    How to download the W88 application for Desktop

    Download the W88 application to the desktop. It will help players never be blocked from accessing the online casino. Thus, what are the ways to download the W88 application to your computer?

    Ứng Dụng Mobile W88 - Chơi Cá Cược Mọi Lúc Mọi Nơi

    [Ways to download W88 application to desktop]

    • Go to the homepage of the W88 online casino website. Then, you find and click on the “Download Now” item that attaches with the Windows icon.
    • Right after that, players will be able to download the W88 application to their computer within a few seconds. Next, you open the downloaded application to start setting. In the installation steps, you just need to follow the recommended instructions of the system.
    • After successfully installed on your computer, players can open the application and log into their W88 account.

     Thus, using W88 for iOS/ Android/  Desktop applications on your mobile or PC helps you access the online casino in an easy and simple way. Also, you won't have to worry about being blocked when joining W88. Therefore, follow our instructions to download the W88 application.


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