FB88 Promotions That Are Easiest To Receive Rewards

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Promotions are something that FB88 members never miss. Understand the psychology of the members of the FB88 family. The dealer continuously offers promotional events every month of the year. Therefore, the chance of you getting a free bonus will be higher than ever. So, what is the easiest way to claim FB88 promotions?

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    Promotion of first deposit at FB88

    If you are a New Member and have just completed the FB88 account registration process, you will be allowed to participate in this first deposit promotion. Thereby, players will have the opportunity to reward up to 150% of the bet amount. This is indeed a very high bonus number that no player wants to ignore.

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    Accordingly, the maximum amount you will receive when participating in this event is 124,64 USD. The bonus will then be withdrawn to the player's bank account if you have completed 29 rounds of betting by your deposit.

    Besides, the number of betting rounds is subject to change if you make your first deposit for each game product. To know more about this, you should carefully read the FB88 promotion terms and conditions.

    Refund promotions at FB88

    A refund is a promotional event that allows players to receive rewards every day. Usually, the refund will be based on each game product you participate in. Such as:

    0.2% cashback bonus when the player participates in online betting games.

    0.6% cashback when the player has at least 1.7 million revenue at Casino Club A.

    Get 0.5% exact refund when the player reaches at least 2 million revenue at Game Slots.

    Other FB88 promotions

    In addition to the two promotions that FB88 regularly organizes above, this bookie also offers its members many flexible bonus programs. Players can join to see if they are the lucky ones. However, when participating in any FB88 promotion, players should carefully read the promotion terms and conditions.

    Recently, we have introduced you to FB88 promotions. How do you feel about these promotions that FB88 offers? If you want to receive a free bonus from this dealer, please join the registration to create an FB88 account to experience offline.



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