Distortion About Hlv88’s Getting Arrested? Scam? Is Hlv88 Bookie Reputable?

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Distortion about Hlv88's getting arrested or scam is freaking out many players. This is only one-way information from the bettors at the bookie. So, what did the Hlv88 bookie say about this incident? What is the truth behind Hlv88 being caught and cheated?

Fact And Fiction About Hlv88's Scam

Players at the bookie give information about Hlv88's scam. Specifically, how was this?

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    Hlv88 scam or not?

    • Members receive rewards from Hlv88 promotions but cannot withdraw money. However, after Hlv88 has checked this player's account information, the bookie discovers that this member has not fulfilled the required turnover within the allotted time. Therefore, they are not eligible to withdraw money from the bank.
    • A member wins big but cannot withdraw winnings to their bank account. Hlv88 has also confirmed this member's account information. He cheated, set up multiple accounts to play the first two betting, and eat the odds. Hlv88 discovered this behavior and executed a player's withdrawal at Hlv88.

    Thus, the Hlv88 scam is raised by misunderstanding from the bettors. Hlv88 only abides by the rules of the betting organization. They did not make any moves to cheat on players, did they?

    Fact And Fiction About Hlv88's Being Arrested

    A member shared on the betting forum that he can't access the Hlv88 bookie. After that, he confirmed that the Hlv88 bookie was arrested, which freaks out many players.

    However, about an hour after this share was posted, there were many comments from other members saying that Hlv88 was not arrested. Because many members still have access to the Hlv88 bookie to play betting. Members failed to access Hlv88 because the carrier has blocked its link. Especially, Vietnam members are often blocked from the website as this country hasn't legalized the form of online betting.

    Through the article, we hope that players have got a proper view of the case of Hlv88 being arrested, scam. Once again, we want to confirm that the information of the fraudulent and arrested bookie is false. Be assured when betting at this Hlv88 bookie.



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