How to Register 12Bet with 3 Steps – 100% Successfully

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Registering and creating an account with 12Bet is not complicated or difficult at all. When you follow our instructions below, you will be able to create a new account. Here are the three simple steps you need to do to have a 12Bet account:

Step 1: Access to the 12Bet’s Website

If you want to have an account, you need to access 12Bet's official website with the right link. After accessing the website successfully, choose your mother language or your most fluent language to have a smooth process later on. 

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    In the website’s user interface, look to the upper right corner of the screen, and you will see the “Register” button. Click it and move to the next step. 

    Step 2: Fill in the Register Form

    Instructions to Deposit and Withdraw at 12BET - TOP10BETTING

    12Bet will give you a registration form so you can fill it in. You must provide all the required information in the empty spaces. Here are these types of information:

    Your Middle Name and Last Name: Your middle name and last name need to meet the name written on your ID card. 

    First Name: Again, you need to provide the real first name that meets the information in your ID card. 

    Email Address: Provide the email address that you normally use.

    Money Currency: Choose your currency

    Phone Number: Provide the phone number you regularly use. 

    Date of Birth: This information needs to be accurate and meet the information in your ID card. 

    Gender: Choose Male or Female. 

    Username: Choose an available username that no one has picked yet. 

    Password: Choose a password. 

    Re-type Your Password: You need to re-type the password you already provided accurately. 

    Security Question: Users will choose an available security question provided by the 12Bet system. 

    Security Answer: USers will answer the security question they already picked. 

    Step 3: Finish up the Registering Process

    After all the required information is typed, we encourage you to double-check all the information. If everything is correct and valid, click on “I agree with the terms…” and hit “Send.” That’s all you need to do. 

    The 12Bet system will receive and check your registration request. If all the information is valid and correct, you will receive a notification from the bookie that says, “Your account is successfully created.” 

    With the three simple steps above, all users can have a new account and start their favorite betting games. Right now, what you need to do next is to transfer money to the account you just created to start betting. Do you know how to transfer money? If not, check this “Guides to transfer and Withdraw Money at 12Bet” blog on our website. 


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