JBO – Need-to-know Information About This E-sports Bookmaker

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If you are a player who is a fan of E-Sports betting, certainly, JBO is the bookie that you can not ignore. This is the platform for you to show your passion for betting and bravery. However, have you known useful information about this bookmaker?

Necessary Information about the New Betting Site; JBO Vietnam

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    JBO- Helpful Information To Know

    JBO is the name of the bookie, which stands for Just Bet Online. The bookmaker offers a playground that aims at sports products such as E-Sports, Soccer, Casino.

    Just Bet Online – A Reputable, Quality, Licensed Bookmaker

    The Government of the Philippines is the organization that is managing all of the bookmaker's activities at present. At the same time, it is First Cagayan – One of the largest authorities in the Philippines who is the organization that has granted the business’s license to the bookie. All these factors have somewhat contributed to the credibility of this bookie.

    JBO Is The Leading Destination For Esports Betting

    Just Bet Online has its strength in E-Sports betting. This is the area where this bookie focused and invested a lot. Therefore, you will easily find popular video games at this bookmaker such as Pubg, Dota 2, League of Legend, etc. Along with that is the odds, which are given fully and accurately by the bookie.

    What Services Does The JBO Bookie Offer Their Customers?

    In addition to the popular esports betting products. The JBO also offers players many attractive services such as:

    Dedicated and attentive customer care service

    Bonus gifts for players are given regularly.

    Outstanding Interface And Features Of The JBO Bookmaker

    JBO Sponsors for big clubs

    The JBO’s interface is designed in black tones with green borders, which have created the standout and highlight for features of JBO. The game categories are arranged on the menu in a very reasonable way. Therefore, players will not feel confused or dazzled when experiencing after a long period at JBO.

    How To Play At The JBO Bookie

    The first step for players to start betting at the JBO dealer is that you must create a betting account. Follow these steps:

    Register, Create An Account

    To begin the registration for a JBO account, players need to provide the exact information that the bookmaker requires. These are:

    • User name.
    • Password.
    • Phone number.

    When input information should be provided accurately and completely, the dealer will quickly create your account within 1 minute.

    Login Quickly To Your Betting Account

    To login quickly to your betting account. After bettors access the bookie interface -> You choose Login. At the login’s interface, enter exactly 2 your username and password. Then, you will be successfully joined by the JBO bookmaker.

    Deposit Into The Betting Account

    Currently, Just Bet Online, Zbet offers its players many forms of depositing to the bookie. However, the method of depositing via local banks is the most chosen. Because this way of depositing is extremely popular and simple with only 3 steps, these are:

    Players choose “Deposit” after logging in to the dealer. Then, you choose the method of depositing at your local bank.

    The player completes any deposit information requested by the dealer.

    Finally, you submit a deposit request; then, it will be executed by the bookie.

    Instructions On How To Bet At Jbo

    Betting E-Sports at this bookie involves 3 simple steps as follows:

    The player selects the match that they want to bet on.

    Through the odds table given by the bookmaker, players choose the appropriate odds to bet based on their own predicting results.

    Finally, the players confirm the amount that they want to bet.

    After the match is finished, the bookie will notify you of the winning or losing result. After that, the winnings stake can be withdrawn via the withdrawal method as follows:

    Instructions On How To Withdraw The Money

    To withdraw money from your personal account from the bookie to your bank account. Players only need to do the 3 easy-to-remember steps as follows.

    • Member logs in to the JBO and selects “Withdraw”.
    • You will complete all the information at the withdrawal interface. Most of the information is directly related to your bank account.
    • Finally, the player submits a withdrawal request to the bookie, and then it will be processed.

    If the information you entered is correct and valid. Within this day, you will receive your profit from the bookie to your bank.

    Reviews Of Just Bet Online Bookie

    Despite being on the world’s betting market for a long time, it is not. Until 2019, this bookie has entered the Vietnamese market. However, JBO has been warmly and popularly welcomed by their players. This is due to several factors:

    Safety, High Security

    All your personal and banking information at the JBO is encrypted. Then, the information will be secured by the high-level security system of the bookie. Therefore, all information of players will never be revealed outside. At the same time, it is extremely difficult for hackers to steal your account.

    Classy, ​​luxurious, And Diverse Games

    JBO, Cmd368 provides a playground with a classy, ​​rich, and diverse store of games. Coming to the dealer, you will easily find popular games such as:

    • Sports betting.
    • Online Casino.

    These are all games that are loved by many people in the world today. At the same time, the bookie also updates new games for their players regularly. This aims to bring the members the most exciting experience at the bookie.

    Best Customer Care Service

    JBO supports its players in many different languages, including Vietnamese. Therefore, it is normal that you receive the support of the bookie. Members can use many ways to contact the dealer, such as

    • Call the switchboard.
    • Live chat.
    • Send email.

    Each form of contact has a team in charge of answering questions for players. Therefore, you will receive a response from the bookie in the fastest time. Especially, with the high expertise of the consulting team, the player's questions will be correctly resolved.

    Promotions At JBO

    The bookie always cares for the requirements and wishes of the bettors. Therefore, JBO has brought regular promotions. This is intended to bring to satisfy the desire of receiving free bonuses from the customers. Such as:

    • Get 100K of free stakes for new members.
    • Members receive VND 5 million for their first deposit at Sports.
    • Free stake for the first losing bet at the bookmaker.

    Besides, the bookie also offers a huge number of other promotions. The bonus events come along with the betting games. Therefore, at JBO, rest assured that you will always receive bonuses.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions At JBO

    Below are some of the most frequently asked questions at the Just Bet Online bookmaker. The questions that have the most asking intensity include:

    What Should I Do If I Can't Access The Bookie?

    In case the official link of JBO is blocked by the Vietnamese network operator. You can access the bookie through the mobile app, change the DNS address, or access by backup link.

    Does Just Bet Online Scam Or Not?

    Up to now, the bookie has had nearly 20 years of experience in the betting market. Along with that, the number of members participating in JBO is increasing steadily every day. Therefore, the bookie cannot deceive their players.

    What Should I Do If I Do Not Receive A Bonus From A Promotion Event?

    In case the member does not receive the bonus from a promotion event. Please contact the bookmaker to have JBO check your account information. If the account you are violating, you will not be able to participate in the promotion event.

    Through the information shared by the above article, we hope that you have had more useful information regarding the JBO bookie. The most important thing is that you've realized the credibility of this E-Sports bookmaker.



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