Lucky88 – A Long-standing And Prestigious Brand Name In Vietnam

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Lucky88 is the bookmaker brand that appeared quite early on the Vietnamese market. Since its launch in 2008 up to now, this bookmaker has continuously improved and grown. That explains the fact that the bookmaker has been successful up to now. So, what information do you already know about this bookmaker brand? Join us in evaluating the strengths and the ways of gambling at Lucky88.

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    Introduction About The Lucky88 Bookmaker

    Lucky88 was founded and launched the betting community in 2008. Until now, the dealer has 12 years of operation and offers the best betting products for players. Thanks to those advantages, the bookmaker has become a popular playground.

    In particular, Lucky88 has achieved two criteria to evaluate the success that the bookmaker has gained. That is the headquarters of the bookmaker that is located in the Philippines – a strongly developed and legalized country in the online betting field. The second thing is that all activities of the bookmaker be legally licensed by the Cagayan Foundation. It is for this reason that Lucky88 always receives the absolute trust of gamblers.

    Some Lucky88 General Reviews

    To understand more about Lucky88, QQ188, you should not ignore the overview below about this bookmaker.

    Lucky 88 Free Play in Demo Mode and Game Review

    Lucky88 web interface

    The main interface is the symbol of the connection between the player and the bookmaker. If the linkage does not stimulate the player to go to the bookmaker, that will be a big failure of the bookmaker. So, how is the Lucky88 interface designed?

    The bookmaker has a user-friendly interface that makes a close and comfortable feel for players.

    The colors of the website are luxurious, and the bookmaker always knows how to highlight important information.

    Content and images are presented scientifically and harmoniously.

    The website of the bookmaker supports the Vietnamese language for the best user experience.

    Wide variety of betting and game products

    Currently, the number of Lucky88 betting and entertainment products has reached thousands. Typically, we must mention that there are games such as Lottery, Lotto, Keno. More specifically, the bookmaker always quickly updates new games to customers.

    Besides, the bookmaker also focuses on Sports and Online Casino, in which the former includes more than 5000 events and nearly 28 thousand football leagues. The casino brings together thousands of card games that are loved by many people. They are: Poker, Sicbo, Baccarat, Blackjack

    Attractive promotions

    Just like the other bookmakers, Lucky88, 22bet continuously open promotions. It is to send the players thanks as well as the gratitude of the bookmaker. In particular, the bookmaker also creates trial games to help players get previous experiences. After that, you will officially start betting real once you know the bookmaker.

    Besides, the bookmaker also applies a weekly refund of up to 30%. It is indeed an outstanding promotion event and better than other bookmakers.

    Good security quality

    Lucky88 is committed to 100% confidentiality of customer information when signing up for the bookmaker. So you will get rid of the worry that information leaks will not happen at the bookmaker.

    Payment transactions will be made through a modern security system. The player's password will be fully encrypted by using MD5 technology. Therefore, it is difficult for a third person or hacker to violate your account. 

    Customer service

    Lucky88 owns a system of highly trained customer care staff. That helps the questions of the players always be answered most accurately. At the same time, the bookmaker has several advisors. So, when connecting to the bookmaker in any way, you will not have to meet the situation of a busy or overloaded switchboard.

    Guide To Register And Play Betting At Lucky88

    Join the bookmaker Lucky88. Do you have your account to start betting? If not? Please follow the instructions we give below:

    How to register a player account

    It is easy because you just need to spend three to five minutes creating a member account. The details of the steps to create a betting account are displayed below:

    • Members access the official home page of the bookmaker, select “Register” in the right corner of the screen.
    • After the registration form is displayed, the player will have the task of completing all information on this form. This information is: Username, password, re-enter password, email, full name, phone number.
    • After the players enter information fully and accurately, click on “Register” to finish.

    How to play betting at the Lucky88 dealer

    Lucky88 is the bookmaker that offers a wide variety of betting systems for players. So, what is the way to perform betting at the bookmaker?

    • First, players choose the category “Sports”. Then, select the match you want to bet.
    • Next step, players choose the odds they want to bet. Then, you will enter the amount you want to bet on that contract.
    • Finally, you confirm your bet with the bookmaker by clicking “Place Bet”. Then, click ‘Ok’, and you are done.

    Find Out How To Deposit And Withdraw Money At Lucky88

    Deposit and withdrawal of money at the bookmaker are two transactions that every player must do. Below, we will introduce the most basic guide for you to execute these two transactions.

    Quick deposit guide

    Deposit is the minimum requirement that you need to complete before placing a bet, especially when your Lucky88 account has no funds or has insufficient funds. The way to deposit is quite simple through the following steps:

    • Member chooses “Deposit” after logging into the bookmaker.
    • Next, the player chooses one of the three deposit methods that the bookmaker offers. These are Bank, Internet Banking, ATM.
    • Finally, the player will enter the information on the deposit slip. These are Account name, account number, deposit amount, transaction code.

    After fulfilling the information, you should check it once again. Then the player clicks “Deposit”, and the bookmaker will process that transaction.

    Withdrawal instructions at Lucky88

    Lucky88, Empire777 offers a way to pay stakes for players quickly. You just need to follow the steps below if you want to withdraw money from your bank account.

    • Members choose “Withdraw” after logging into the bookmaker.
    • Next, players will enter the necessary information on the withdrawal slip. To be more specific, this information are:
    • The bank you want to withdraw money.
      • Bank account number.
      • Full name of the payee.
      • Select the amount you want to withdraw.

    Finally, players should check the information on the withdrawal slip again. Then, you click on “Withdraw” to send the transaction to the bookmaker.

    Promotions At Lucky88

    The Lucky88 particularly places greater emphasis on the experience of the player at the bookmaker. Therefore, Lucky88 regularly offers promotions to players. In this way, players will have a chance to receive free bonuses from the bookmaker. Some promotions that players should not be missed at the bookmaker such as:

    • Daily cashback 3% of the bettor's total loss.
    • Weekly cashback at 20% of the bettor’s total loss.
    • Promotions are held by the bookmaker on special occasions or holidays. That is also an opportunity to help players get the best experience at the bookmaker.

    Thus, recent information has partially evaluated bookmaker Lucky88. If you have time, please visit the dealer to try a few games. Who can know whether you have predestination with this bookmaker or not? Come to visit Lucky88 and experience it.








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