Update M88 Promotions Without Participating Time Limit

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To attract and say thanks to M88 members, M88 continuously offers interest and diverse promotions, especially promotions which do not limit participation time because by only participating in these events, you will earn rewards. What are those promotions in specific? 

Getting Welcome Bonus For 100% New Members

It is considered to be a promotional event applying to all new players. That is when you successfully register an account at M88. You get the maximum award up to $522. In specific:

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     [Getting Welcome Bonus For 100% New Members]

    Members need to have at least $52.2 in their M88 online casino account.

    The minimum betting amount that you wagered on your first bet is $13.04.


    100% Super Promotion For Members At Sports Betting

    Sports betting enthusiasts will get a chance of getting bonuses at this event. That's when you follow the rules of this 100% Sports promotion as follows:

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    [100% Super Promotion For Members At Sports Betting]

    Members have deposit amounts of at least $8.7.

    The maximum amount you will receive in this promotional event is $87.

    Withdrawal requirement is allowed when members reach turnover through 15 betting rounds.

    Welcome Bonus Up To 300% at Slots Playtech

    The faithful are loyal Slots Playtech players. You will get the highest chance of getting bonuses in this 300% promotional event. That's when you perform the followings correctly:

    Members need to have a deposit amount of at least $8.7 in Slots Playtech.

    The highest bonus amount that you can get is $87.

    Betting turnover is made through 25 betting rounds. Contemporarily, the betting round applies only to Slots Playtech members.

    Promotional Events for VIP players

    When a member reaches the VIP level at M88, he will receive interesting and very great rewards from this online casino. Mainly, these promotions apply to certain gaming categories.

    Players need to understand thoroughly the conditions of VIP promotional programs. Because, if you accidentally break any of the M88 terms and conditions, the online casino will revoke all of your winnings.

    Those are four M88 promotions without joining timing limitations. Players can visit the M88 promotional page for more details. Besides that, you should choose an appropriate program that fits you to receive rewards.


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