How To Register 100% Successfully At 188bet With The Bookmaker Application

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Signing up for 188Bet with 100% guaranteed success in 1 minute has never been easier. You just need to follow the simple steps that we instruct in the article below. Very soon, you will officially become a member of 188Bet bookmaker. And then, you are free to enjoy all the betting features and products at 188Bet. Now, let's start from the very first step of 188Bet’s registration guide.

Step #1: Access to the bookmaker with 188Bet Application

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    We highly recommend you install the 188Bet application on your smartphone and a personal computer then start to create a 188Bet account by following the registration steps. Accessing the 188Bet bookmaker in this way guarantees both credibility and quality. You do not have to worry about problems like the link to the bookmaker’s website is blocked or fake.

    How to Open a 188BET Account

    Access to the bookmaker through the 188Bet app to register

    Thus, after accessing the 188Bet bookmaker via the application on your smartphone and PC. The next step is to look for the registration section to start creating a 188Bet account.

    Step #2: Fill in the necessary information to register an account

    The 188Bet account registration form will be displayed when you click on the ‘Register' button. Now, please complete and accurately fill in your personal contact information. This information will be relevant to the transaction you make at the bookmaker. Specifically, the information that you have to complete is:

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    Fill in the information required for account registration

    • Email Address.
    • User Name.
    • Password: 6-15 characters and numbers are required.
    • Country: Please choose your country.
    • Currency: USD.

    Finally, please tick in two boxes: “I want to be confirmed …” and “I am 18 years old and have read the terms and conditions”.

    Step #3: Complete 188Bet Registration 100% Successfully

    The information you enter needs to be checked again for accuracy. Then, you have to click on the “Register” button to send the request to the bookmaker. If the information you entered is correct and valid, the bookmaker will respond to your request and confirm your new 188Bet account as soon as possible.

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    Complete 188Bet Registration 100% Successfully

    When you receive a message similar to the picture, as shown above. This one means that you successfully register for a 188Bet account. Remember to top up your account through the bookmaker's promotions to receive bonuses.

    Within only three simple steps and a few mouse clicks. You are now officially a member of the 188Bet. From this moment, you are on your betting investment journey at the bookmaker. Congrats!



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