How To Successfully Register M88 For New Players

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Knowing how to register an account at M88 bookie brings many benefits for you. This saves you from having to deal with surprises when you first start the house experience. Therefore, before participating in betting games at M88, we recommend that you find out about how to successfully register for M88 below. Hopefully, you will only take 1 minute to successfully create your account at bookie:

Step #1, Join M88 bookie's website

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    Join M88 bookie's website

    Players need to visit the official website of the M88 bookie website. You should stay away from websites pretending to be M88 bookies. In general, the best way for you to avoid mistakenly joining phishing M88 websites is to access your bookie through the M88 application.

    Step #2, Select register and complete registration information

    On the M88 dealer website interface, navigate to the “Register” section and click on it. Immediately, the website will display the interface to fill in the registration information for the M88 account. Your task now will have to complete that information. Details below:

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    Complete the required M88 account registration information

    • Middle name and first name: Fill in your middle name and first name.
    • Last name: You enter your last name.
    • Email: You enter the correct email for M88 to send your bookie's information.
    • Phone number: Enter the phone number you frequently use. In particular, this phone number you must not have been registered with M88 before.
    • Date of birth: Enter the correct date of birth on your ID card.
    • Currency: You choose VND to receive promotions from the dealer.
    • Username: You choose a name without an accent and write it immediately as your username.
    • Password: You enter the password of your M88 account. Then, re-enter this password in the box below.
    • Security question: You choose a security question to use when you forget your password.
    • Answer: You answered the security question and memorized this answer.
    • Verification code: You enter the verification code provided by the system.

    Step #3, Successful registration for an M88 account

    After the M88 account registration information is entered accurately and completely. You click on “Register” to send a request to create an M88 account to the dealer. At this point, the dealer will base on whether the information you entered is valid or not? If all information you enter is correct and valid, your M88 account will be successfully created immediately.

    In just three simple steps, you have successfully created an M88 account. Now, you can fully play games at M88. However, players do not skip the top-up step through promotions. This way, you will receive amazing and free deals from M88.


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