3 Basic Instruction Steps On How To Register W88 Successfully 100%

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New players often become confused when they first participate in W88 online casinos. Especially when they do not know how to register a W88 account successfully right from their first time. Therefore, please check out our instructions to create a W88 account.

Step 1: Access the W88 registration interface

 It is the first thing that you begin performing the W88 registration process at the online casino. You need to access the official W88 link. Then, on the website interface, you find and click on the register item.

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    Register W88 Account with 3 Easy Steps in Less Than 7 Minutes

    [Access the W88 registration interface]

    The interface of the registration form is displayed. At this point, a new player's mission is to complete the information that the online casino requires.

    Step 2: Complete the account registration form of W88

    Personal information is those that the online casino requires members to provide. It is best for W88 to manage and protect the interests of its members. Therefore, you need to fill in this information correctly on the registration form. The required registration information of the online casino is specific as follow:

    Register W88 Account with 3 Easy Steps in Less Than 7 Minutes

    [Complete the account registration form of W88]

    Email: This is the address where the online casino will send you crucial information. Therefore, the player needs to enter their email exactly.

    Phone number: You enter correctly the phone number that you use to contact.

    Currency: Players should choose $ to enjoy promotions offered by the online casino.

    Full name: What is your first name on your ID card? Please use that name to enter your full name when registering your W88 account.

    Date of birth: Enter your date of birth matching the information on your ID.

    Password: Members should choose a strong password and remember this information. Usually, you will fill in a password that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. It will ensure that the password you have entered is always the strongest one.

    On the W88 registration form, item “*” is required information that a member must complete. Meanwhile, with items without “*”, you can leave it blank.

    Step 3: Complete the confirmation of successful W88 registration

    After filling in all information in the W88 account registration form, please check carefully once again whether the information is correct or not. If it is true, please click “Join” to finish. 

    Thus, the W88 online casino will send you a message that is “successful registration”, if the information you have provided to W88 is decent. Thereby, you already have an account to participate in placing bets on W88.


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