How To Sign Up For Fun88: The 100% Success Guaranteed Way That You Should Know

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The account registration process at Fun88 casino is quite simple and fast. Players only need to follow the instructions of the casino. Also, the information you enter must be accurate. Just like that, it will take you exactly 1 minute to create a Fun88 account successfully.

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    100%-successful registration instruction for a Fun88 account 

    To become a member of the Fun88 casino and experience all kinds of betting games, players need to follow the 3 steps registration instruction below:

    Step 1: Access to the Fun88 casino

    Please access the official address of the Fun88 casino. Then, click on the box “Sign Up” at the upper right corner of the page. Here, a Fun88 account registration form will be displayed. At this point, please fill in the information required by the casino.

    Step 2: Fill in the information for the Fun88 account registration according to the requirements of the casino

    Information that you have to fill in the Fun88 registration form is:

    How to Open a Fun88 Account

    Fill in the information for the Fun88 account registration according to the requirements of the casino.

    User name: must be 6-14 characters long and have no accents.

    Password: must be 6-20 characters long, with both numbers and letters, no accents.

    Phone number: enter the phone number that you regularly use.

    Email: enter the email that you usually use.

    Agency code: You can leave this section blank.

    Step 3: Confirmation of account registration

    After you fill in the information in the registration form according to the casino's requirements, please double-check to see if all the information is correct. When all the information is correct, please click “Register Now.”

    A congratulation will be sent to you to announce your successful registration of a Fun88 account. If your information is valid according to the requirements of the casino, you can start taking part in betting.

    Notes about the Fun88 account registration

    The information for your Fun88 account registration must be correct.

    After you have successfully registered, proceed to verify your Fun88 account by providing your full name and birth date. These two pieces of information must be the same as those on your identity card.

    After successfully registering a Fun88 account, don't forget to participate in the promotions of this casino. By depositing money into your account through a promotional event,  you will receive a free amount of money to start betting.




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