Vn88 – A Prestigious Bookmaker Bearing A Very Vietnamese Style

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VN88 is a bookmaker that offers many excellent gamblings and entertainment products. Besides, the interface and logo of VN88 show the friendliness for Vietnamese players. That is the image of a five-pointed yellow star, which is attached to the round red ball icon. VN88 is a rare bookmaker with a very Vietnamese style. So what about the reputation and potential of this bookmaker? In the article below, we will show you the answers and give you more helpful information. 

Nhà cái VN88 - Đánh giá và review chi tiết cho hội viên năm 2020

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    Introduction About VN88

    VN 88 is an emerging bookmaker in the Vietnamese online betting market. But not because of that, VN88 let it be inferior to the older bookmakers. This new bookmaker still offers credibility and quality to the gamblers, especially the members playing bet in the Vietnamese gaming community.

    The logo is designed with the image of a round ball and a five-pointed golden star. Also, two letters, “VietNam” are designed right next to the logo. All of these make VN88 become a very Vietnamese style bookmaker.

    The bookmaker always works with a certain goal and direction. That is: bring a reputable betting product and prestigious playground to everyone. Therefore, VN88 is currently becoming one of the most popular destinations for many betting lovers. To understand more and better about this bookmaker, please continue to follow, and find more information in the content below.

    Some General Reviews Of VN88

    The most general reviews of the VN88 bookie will be given below. We hope that players will make the best decision for themselves when investing in betting at this bookmaker after understanding more about us.

    Web interface of VN88

    The interface of the VN88 bookmaker and M88 bookmaker provide players a feeling of closeness and friendliness. To be more specific, the functions for the player are designed quite adequately. It makes it easy for players to interact with the dealer.

    Orange and red are the two main colors of the interface. These two colors are quite outstanding but not too vibrant. When you look at it, there's no glare feelings or discomfort. 

    Wide variety of betting and game products

    Betting products and entertaining games in this bookmaker are quite diverse. It provides players with have many different options for themselves, which is a plus point that the excellent Vietnamese bookmaker has.

    The strength of VN88 is its online Casino. The dealer offers a series of games that are characteristic and familiar to the player. They are Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack. Besides, they do not dismiss traditional and friendly games. They are: Leaving, advancing or gourd, shrimp, crab fish. 

    Attractive promotions

    The promotions are very well organized by the bookmaker. Each month, the dealer continuously gives big and attractive promotional events. This gives players more bonus benefits, which is one of the factors that help you have more “budget” to continue investing in betting.

    The promotions of VN88 have a high bonus rate. Along with that, the request for the withdrawal of the bonus is not too strict. This is a plus point that customers always praise this superior Vietnamese bookmaker.

    Good security quality

    The bookmaker's privacy policies are given fully and strictly performed. Along with that is the security technology on the website that is extremely reliable and stable. All of those keep the player's information always guaranteed. The customer's information is never leaked to the outside. This is something that many players are quite assured of when participating in this bookmaker.

    Customer service

    VN88 always accompanies the player anytime, anywhere, and every time. That is the motto of the bookmaker's customer care staff. That's why when participating in VN88. If players have any difficulties or questions, you should contact the bookmaker for the fastest and most reliable resolution. 

    Guide To Register And Bet At VN88

    For new players who want to register and participate in betting for the first time in VN88, it is still a new and quite difficult experience. Therefore, in the content below, we will show you how to play gambles at the dealer.

    First, let's register for the bookmaker account. 

    The way to register a player's account

    To register a new account at the VN88 bookmaker, you have to access the link to the dealer and then select the “register” option. After that, a form to fill in the registration information of the player will be displayed. 

    Players will have to fill fully and accurately their information on the registration form. It will take you about 2-3 minutes to fulfill. When the information is completely entered accurately and checked precisely, the system will automatically process and create a successful account for you. So you have one account to start playing betting already.

    How to bet at the VN88 Bookmaker?

    All betting games at the VN88 Bookmaker have quite similar betting methods. Therefore, you only need to follow three steps to make a successful bet. In more details: 

    Select and join the betting product you want.

    Select the odds on betting products of sport. If you join Casino games, you will select a bet and then show the bet amount for that game.

    The player confirms the bet and waits for the result of the announcement from the bookmaker.

    However, to be able to play betting, you need to invest your real money in your VN88's account to place bets. So, what is the way to deposit to your account at the bookmaker?

    Find Out How To Deposit And Withdraw Money At VN88

    VN88 offers many different types of transactions for customers to choose from at the bookmaker. This makes it easy to deposit/withdraw money with the fastest time. To be more specific:

    The guide to make a deposit quickly

    The fastest deposit method at the VN88 dealer is a deposit through a local bank affiliated with the dealer. In this way, you will use deposit methods at counters, Internet Banking, ATMs. Then, the player proceeds to send money to the bank's bank account. Very quickly, your account will immediately have your deposit amount.

    Withdrawal instructions at VN88

    The same is true for withdrawals at the VN88 dealer. Players only need to place orders at the interface of the website or the bookmaker's application. After that, the money will be transferred from the bookmaker account to the bank account. However, players need to provide accurate information about the bank account. After that, it will take about 30 minutes for the transaction to be processed successfully.

    Promotions At VN88

    When playing betting at the VN88 bookmaker, you will join and experience some of the following special promotions:

    Bonus promotion to welcome first customers with 43$

    Players who deposit money on the bookmaker app receive 2.14$ immediately.

    Successfully verifying the player's account information always has a hot bonus valued at 3.77$.

    Besides, in every betting or entertainment game you enter, the dealer also adds bonus promotions to players. Because of that bonus, you get free money to continue investing in betting.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions in VN88

    Which banks are affiliating with VN88 within Vietnam?

    Currently, VN88 has been linked with some local banks in Vietnam such as East Asia, ACB, Vietinbank, Vietcombank, Techcombank, BIDV.

    Are there any fees for depositing at the dealer?

    There are no fees for deposits via local banks at the dealer. However, for deposit via game card and phone card. The dealer will discount a certain amount of the player's fee.

    What should the players do when they cannot withdraw money at the dealer?

    The simplest way is to contact the bookmaker’s customer care staff of the dealer. They will get your money back for the wrong withdrawal as soon as possible.


    Despite being a young bookmaker, GGBET still has established itself in the betting market. Thereby, many players are still prioritizing investing in betting here. So, how about you?


















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