W88 Promotions Not To Be Missed

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Betting participants always appreciate the W88 promotional events. When grasping this common reasoning of all members of the W88 family, the banker also organizes promotional events for customers. This makes W88 always win the hearts of players thanks to special offers. So, which are the promotional events?

W88 promotions for new members

New members have just successfully registered an account at the W88 banker. Are you wondering if you can participate in any promotions? Of course, it does, because W88 treats all players equally. The promotions include such as 

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    W88 promotions for new members

    • New players are allowed to take part in trial play at W88 games. In which, you will receive immediately $2.15 in your account.
    • New players will receive $3.88 immediately upon successful W88 account registration.
    • First top-up can be up to $172.5
    • Participating in top-up for the first time at sports receives a maximum bonus of $170

    With such attractive W88 promotions, what are you waiting for without joining the W88 dealer?

    Promotions for old members

    As soon as you fully own your own benefits as a new member at W88, you can begin participating in promotions for old members. In particular, these promotional events have a ‘huge’ premium for you. Specifically, a number of W88 promotions worth mentioning are as follows:

    • Members participating in weekly sports betting receive 1% cashback of their bets.
    • Member gets 100% refund on parlay bets that lose 5+ at E-Sport.
    • Old members top up every day and get 10% free of top-up card value.
    • Cashback programs apply to all W88 bookie games, such as 5% iLotto Refund, 1% Keno, 0.8% Casino. In particular, the events of refund promotions are always held year-round. Furthermore, the player gratuity received is automatic, which means it does not require you to register.

    In general, whether you come to W88 by any means or you participate in the betting experience for any game product, you will receive amazing deals from the banker. The lucky bonus money from W88 will help you feel more confident in your betting investment journey.


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