How to Register Bong88 Successfully – Step-by-Step Instructions

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Like any other betting website, new bettors need to create a user account to participate in different betting games at Bong88. If you choose Bong88 to bet, you should learn how to create an account on its official website. In this blog, we are going to guide you on how to create a user account at Bong88 successfully. - Link đăng ký B88ag - Cá cược Bong88 Agent mới nhất

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    Step 1: Access the Bong88's Website

    Before doing anything else, you need to access Bong88's website. Now, look upon the screen's upper right corner, you will see a “Register” button. Click that “Register” button to start creating a brand-new account. 

    Step 2: Provide All the Required Information

    If you are using the newest version of the Bong88 web, then after clicking on “Register,” there will be two separate areas: one for players and one for agencies. Right here, you will need to fill in all the required information, including:

    • Name: You need to provide your real name, and it needs to match your name on your ID card. 
    • Gender: Choose your gender: Male or Female.
    • Username: This is the name you will use to join the bookie's website.
    • Password: Choose your password for the Bong88 account. 
    • Phone number: Provide the phone number that you regularly use. 
    • Address: Type your real address. 
    • Yahoo/Skype/Wechat/Line: Provide the contacts from one of the apps you normally use. 
    • Email Address: Write your regularly used email address. 
    • Bank: Choose a bank name that is provided by the system.
    • Bank Account
    • Band's Branch
    • Betting Money: Choose the amount of money you want to bet. 
    • Confirming code: Lastly, type the confirmation code you receive from the website. 

    Step 3: Send Your Registration Request to the Bookie

    After finishing step 2 and all the information is filled in correctly, click on “Send” to send your registration request to the bookie. Next, send a text message to follow the message syntax of “KICHHOAT username” and send it to the website's hotline. 

    After receiving all these two types of information, Bong88 will create a valid account that you can use to start betting. They will send you a notification confirming the results of your registration request. 

    It is so easy to create an account at Bong88 successfully, isn't it? We believe that it will be even easier to have a valid account from this bookie after you read our instructions. We hope you are successful with our guide right at the first time trying!



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